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    No need to open! Just flick your thumb for access to your 2 most popular cards.

    You’re in charge! You choose the amount of cards – 7 pockets, minimum 1 card per pocket. Holds much more!

    NO NEED to fold, less time wasted! Bring notes and receipts with you too.

    Genuine leather. Oh yes, it’s real, it’s soft. And it lasts.

    Portefeuille Exentri
    Wallets - Exentri Wallet | Small Wallets - Exentri Wallet

    Direct access to the 2 most used cards, without opening it

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    Wallets - Exentri Wallet | Small Wallets - Exentri Wallet

    The Exentri Wallet, the perfect Corporate Gift

    A guaranteed "WOW!" effect! Due to its viral marketing effect, people will talk about your company in your absence. Also elected the corporate gift of the year in Norway.

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