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Cadeau d'entreprise


The EXENTRI has been elected the corporate gift of the year in Norway (it's country of origin) due to the WOW! effect it produces on people around it when used – you quickly slide your card out with a flick of your thumb - magician-like!

Beyond its excellent features you can see here, it stands out from other gifts because it is a personal object used 5-10x per day for years and therefore offers a massive exposure for a looong time! It doesn’t die in a drawer nor gets eaten or drunk (short usefulness) and it merely costs the price a bottle of wine or a nicer box of chocolate. Quickly eaten/drunk, quickly forgotten. But the EXENTRI.....never forgotten.

As a corporate gift, the wallet guarantees a minimum of years of viral marketing  thanks to the fact that users “show-off” with it when using it. 

The EXENTRI Wallet – developed to enable transactions in a simple, fast and elegant way. Can hold from 7 to 20 cards and take notes and receipts without the need to fold these! Small and practical, chic and elegant. Garanteed WOW! effect! Norwegian design.

Viral marketing: Observed show-off effect. Used 5-10 times per day over a minimum of 2 years. Massive visibility.



Capacity 7-20 cards and notes & receipts
Packaging Delivered in an elegant gift box
Measurements 90 x 70 x 10 mm
Warranty 2 years, but lasts way longer
Fabrication Authentic leather and nylon, closing mechanism of stainless steel
Weight 50 grams



After the reception of your logo, we’ll send you a final print version in .pdf format. Delivery follows 2-3 weeks after your validation of the final print version.