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Corporate Gift

The Exentri Wallet
The perfect match


The EXENTRI wallet has been elected the corporate gift of the year in Norway (it's country of origin) due to the WOW! effect it produces on people around it when used – you quickly slide your card out with a flick of your thumb - magician-like!

For anyone and any occasion. Customized EXENTRI Wallets appeal to men and women of all ages. It's available in a wide selection of colours and designs, for unique styles and needs.

Neither does it die in a drawer nor gets eaten or drunk, merely at the cost of a bottle of wine or a nicer box of chocolate. Quickly eaten or drunk, quickly forgotten. The EXENTRI...never forgotten.

Durable Enhanced visibility

Personalise with your logo or slogan. The leather's surface is perfect for hot-stamping logos, initials or a special message - from a discrete marking on the interior pocket, to more visible ones on the exterior pocket.

With its observed show-off effect (you should see it to believe it, but it's there) and intensive and durable use; 5-10 times a day for years, the wallet guarantees massive visibility as a corporate gift. We can promise you years of viral marketing.

Viral marketing: When people talk about you or your company in your absence.


After the reception of your logo, we’ll send you a final print version in .pdf format. Delivery follows 2-3 weeks after your validation of the final print version.

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